The primary objective of Ambassador Suite Hotel is the business development and in particular an improvement of the structure and the rooms through the planning of a particular building renovation, combined with the purchase of new furnishings.
So Glacom has been commissioned to find any facilitation, announcement or financing in the tourism sector concerning the restructuring, the business development or the renewal of the premises.

You will never be able to win if you never start.

Helen Rowland

No more talk, let's start with the strategy, which is not yet an operational job but a study time just to find everything that could be useful. And trust me, in combing well through all the documents and the websites of public organizations, there is nothing simple!
The preliminary process includes the comparison of all the winning facilitation instruments and the identification of the instrument best suited to the needs of the client, in this case the announcement concerning the Tax Credit for the redevelopment of hotels set up by Decree Law no. / 2014.
The process we followed is:
1 - detailed study of the announcement
2 - identification of the requisites necessary for the participation of the announcement
3 - identification of eligible expenses
4 - identification of the type of facilitation
5 - analysis of accounting methods and use of credit
Hands in paste! No ... hands in paper! Here we are in the most operational part, we know how to move now we just have to gather all that is needed from a bureaucratic point of view. In chronological order, we moved in this way:
1 - collection of company personal data and determination of credit eligibility
2 - collection of documentation relating to investments and determination of credit eligibility
3 - quantification of the benefit
4 - preparation of documentation necessary for obtaining the credit
5 - verification and legal review of documentation
6 - sending the file to the competent body
7 - official credit accounting
We now measure the work of our Finance agents. Ambassador Suite Hotel has obtained an immediately applicable tax credit of 65% for all expenses related to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, renovation, energy efficiency, purchase of property for interior and exterior furnishings.
Good Job, jeah!

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