Brand Positioning in a high-end in terms of price / quality.

Cissva is a dairy that focuses very much on the quality of its product, starting from the well-being of the animals, bred exclusively in the Camonica and Sebino Valleys, fed naturally and immersed in the fresh mountain air, until the processing of the cheese, maturing and marketing. Communicating quality is not easy, it is necessary to unveil all the work behind that form of cheese and make the products smell through a screen. It will be that we have tasted them all, but the feeling after the work done, is just that! You do not have watering in your mouth after visiting the website?


Defend tradition and local history.

For Cissva this is an ethical goal, as important as the increase in turnover, perhaps even more. For the staff of this company, the valorization and protection of the territory, of the land as matter, of animals and of milk, is a vital issue.
The local cheese culture has been put in serious danger by the advent of the big multinationals that compete for the same products, but certainly not for the quality of these. Industrial cheeses to which hypermarkets have accustomed us to cheap prices, have nothing in common with CISSVA products, try it! We therefore support the struggle of this dairy with great commitment and strength: long live the Made in Italy, long live the good and artisanal things.

1) Identification of company principles and values.

The brainstorming work to identify the company's Brand Identity is not to be underestimated as it represents a sort of ideological horizon that then guides the realization of the whole project. Knowing the philosophy, the principles that found the company in its being, the tradition, the internal processes and the characteristics that make CISSVA different from all other dairies in the province of Brescia is the first step to build the whole strategy.
We have therefore met with senior managers and representatives of the older workers, those who have been working in the company for years and who have been present in the staff for generations, precisely to map the history, ideology, philosophy, work and links with the territory of CISSVA, highlighting the key words that will guide the work, among the many could not fail to appear our motto: "made in Italy", close to "territory", "breeders", "history", "tradition" , "Quality", "certifications", "animal welfare", "passion for work".
After the phase of Goal Identification, this means the company's study in every facet, starting from the practical organization up to the principles that animate it, we can move on to the analysis of the public, of the consumers to whom it is addressed every day.


2) Analysis of the target.

To talk to people, you must first identify them. "Tell me what you eat and I'll tell you who you are" in this case is absolutely perfect! Therefore, the study of Buyer Personas is essential to establish correct communication, with adequate language, presenting the issues in the right way.
We have therefore designed the buyer personas of CISSVA in a real way, defined and as detailed as possible using market research, CRM business, interviews with the people who are most in contact with customers and also by Insight Social and Analytics. The final objective is to obtain more cards with "typical customers" well defined by: age range, location, educational qualification, interests, work and values (both positive and negative).

For CISSVA we have identified 3 types of Buyer Personas.

CLAUDIO - age 46, single, lives in Brescia, degree in marketing, Purchasing Manager at a well-known chain of hypermarkets in the province for the food section. He is very precise in the office, scrupulous, demanding. He represents the GDO sales category, therefore the large distribution.
MARIA - age 60, married, lives in Edolo, 1st grade secondary school diploma, housewife. She is particularly fond of local products, attentive to food also for her family, affectionate with her grandchildren and strict with her children. She represents the category of customers who go to the physical points of sale of the dairy.
LAURA - age 30, married, lives in Rezzato, diploma of technical education, accountant and mother of two children. She is punctual and determined in her job, she is dedicated to the family, she has very little free time, she is always in a hurry. She represents the category of customers who frequent supermarkets of large retailers.

3) Analysis of competitors.

Since we are never satisfied, after having brought to light all the characteristics of CISSVA, after having studied the buyer personas to whom we will speak, here we are at the time of the study of competitors, that means all the websites that will be behind ours in the SERP of Google!
A professor of a recent course, we attended, said: "Give Google what Google expects". We can therefore have fantastic and amazing ideas, but we must always confront the competitors and those who, at that moment, the same search engine are rewarding.
To fully understand if what we have thought works, both from the communicative point of view and from the point of view of navigation, it is therefore necessary to study and analyze the main competitor sites of our Client, taking 4 - 5 examples from SERP and 2 - 3 examples of competing companies on a local physical level.
Our analysis focused on these elements: sitemap, navigation menu, web design, ux experience, loading speed, mobile optimization, text content, photographic material, video presence, territory enhancement, blogs, positioning strategies, key phrases, update frequency.


Here we are at the practical part, the most beautiful because ideas take shape and start to become reality. After having found and taken inspiration from the latest generation websites that have won awards in the field of web design, we begin to create the project, step by step.
Sitemap: we organize the infrastructure of the CISSVA website by identifying the pages of our menu and the information architecture levels → wireframe: we draw sketches, symbols, colors and all the elements we want to be present on the page, for each type → moodboard: we create a board that contains all the elements of inspiration, colors, fonts, geometric shapes and in general the concept chosen for the portal → communication tone: we draw up a guide document for the copywriters to inform them of the tone and type of language that they have to use in the written communication → copywriting: we replace the sketches with words, after a careful analysis of content strategy for each page → final layout: real and complete graphic representation of texts, videos and photographs of the website.


Working in an earthly paradise like that of the valleys around the CISSVA dairy was a privilege for our photo reporters and our film maker. If we add to this the most complete immersion in nature, in the pastoral activity and then in the production chain in the dairy, surely they have felt it as a personal enrichment as well as work ... we at the office only have to taste the cheeses that they have brought us, but we do not complain!
For Cissva we have dedicated 2 full days on site for the photo shoot and video shootings. The intent was to collect as much material as possible that could tell first of all the territory and about the breeding, the daily life of the animals that produce white gold, the milk, from which everything originates (we assure you that from these photos you will understand immediately why the milk and then the CISSVA cheeses are so good!) Secondly, we focused on the processing of milk, reproducing both the ancient and traditional method, and the more modern, with the support of the latest machinery.
The result? We have archived more than 5,000 photographs, many of them immortalize wonderful and very nice snouts that graze the grass, plus some very exciting video clips.

We have not yet statistical data to present you, the CISSVA website has been online for a short time so we can not give you precise numbers. However, we can invite you to browse through this portal, to tell us whether all that we have told you about the initial project is reflected in the final work. Does the authenticity of the dairy products emerge? And the attention to the territory? Let us know what you think about it.

PS: then obviously taste one of these cheeses!

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