The primary objective of Delta Srl is the business development linked to innovation and in particular a dynamic and technological wrapping machine related to cutting-edge software. Glacom has therefore been commissioned to find facilities to finance its investments related to the study, the project and the design of this new product.

A life without research is not worth living.


Strength and courage, let’s roll up our sleeves and start with the strategy. In fact, before starting with the search for documents, certifications and anything else you need to do a very important research and study to find what the customer needs. We are therefore going to introduce ourselves to the complicated world of public institutions.

The preliminary process includes the comparison of all winning facilitating tools and the identification of the most appropriate instrument to the needs of the client, in this case the announcement for tax credit in Research and Development established by Decree Law No. 143 of 23 / 12/2013.

The process we followed is:
1. Detailed study of the announcement
2. Identification of the requirements necessary for the participation of the benefit
3. Identification of eligible expenses
4. Identification of the type of facilitation
5. Analysis of accounting methods and use of credit
Among thousands of papers, how did the Finance consultants work for this Delta Srl project?
The most complicated part is already done, now it is necessary to gather all the documents that the announcement itself requires for participation.

1. Collection of company personal data and determination of credit eligibility
2. Collection of documentation relating to investments and determination of credit eligibility
3. Drafting of a technical report on the project
4. Quantification of the benefit
5. Preparation of documentation necessary for obtaining the credit
6. Verification and legal review of documentation
7. Official credit accounting
We get to the numbers, although in truth we have already treated many in these documents!
Now we have to measure our work. Delta Srl obtained an immediately applicable tax credit of 35% for all Research & Development expenses related to: costs of personnel involved and external consultancy related to the project.

Great job, full speed ahead!

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